Non Violentiam CIC is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It is regulated and registered with the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.

The company was set up by Peter Lawton, a successful Birmingham based business man. His vision is to give back to the community and improve the availability of accommodation and support which is safe, secure and promotes independent living for vulnerable adults and victims of domestic violence.


  • To develop plans that are financially sustainable and value for money
  • Operate as information providers and a conduit to other organisations
  • To operate at high standards of quality through a rigorous application process for housing providers
  • Check Energy Performance Certificates for all properties to help reduce residents’ costs
  • Develop an electronic checklist for approving landlords
  • Ensure Covid safe properties by contracting with Fogging Company to perform sanitisation and adhere to health and safety protocols
  • Health and safety officer to vet properties with access to qualified trade professionals for any remedial work
  • Recruitment of quality support staff with ongoing training
  • Anonymous email for residents and staff to report any complaints direct to managing director


Peter Lawton

Managing Director.

Peter is a successful serial entrepreneur who sees an opportunity to raise standards and quality of care in the social housing sector.

Cllr Morriam Jan


Morriam Jan is proud to have been accepted to sit on the board of Non-Violentiam. Morriam can see the vision and passion in wanting to help and make a difference in vulnerable adults in Birmingham.

George Klokkos BA ACA

Finance Director.

A Chartered Accountant with extensive experience of financial and general management. George has been Managing Director or Finance Director of several companies in a variety of business sectors.

Ravinder Bhogal BA

Non Executive Director.

Ravinder has 37 years experience in adult care and safeguarding. She is a Professional Quality review officer and Registered Care Manager who has worked in Local Government and the Private sector.

Steve Piddock

Head of Operations

Steve has over 10 years experience in the housing sector and care services. Steve has formerly worked within the education sector, and managed projects within various sectors over the last 20 years.

Doreen Bailey

Doreen Bailey a Barrister (retired) with 25 years’ practice, business owner, experienced landlord and experienced provider of supported accommodation. She also has over 20 years’ experience as a foster carer, fostering young people leading them into independence and supporting them while in independence into adulthood.

In Partnership with


  • To provide a positive and inclusive culture within the organisation
  • To promote openness and transparency of the organisation’s activities
  • To ensure it fulfils its requirements relating to the health, safety and well being of residents and staff
  • To ensure that any actual or potential conflicts of interest are managed in an appropriate manner
  • To review compliance and complaints