We provide secure supported accommodation for victims of domestic violence, domestic abuse and vulnerable adults.

We are a non-Profit Regulated Provider


Non Violentiam CIC is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It is regulated and registered with the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. The company was set up by Peter Lawton, a successful Birmingham based business man. His vision is to give back to the community and improve the availability of accommodation and support which is safe, secure and promotes independent living for vulnerable adults and victims of domestic violence.


  • To provide approved supported accommodation for vulnerable adults from whichever ethnicity in an inclusive manner
  • To improve the lives of vulnerable adults by supporting them to live in the community and helping to rebuild their confidence and life skills
  • To provide a safe, secure and dignified environment and living space
  • To understand the needs and views of residents and other stakeholders
  • To deliver excellence across all our activities and services
  • To be trusted by our stakeholders by being open and accountable
  • To grow the company and be able to make distributions for the benefit of the community

What Our Tenants Say About Us

We take pleasure in offering exceptional service and a caring environment for all of our residents. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that the high standard is maintained and that the lives of our renters are bettered.

We asked some of our tenants to share their stories and tell us about their time at Non-Violentiam in order to offer you a better understanding of how it has benefited their life.

Looking to apply for a place in a Non-Violentiam home?

If you are looking for supported housing (either for yourself or on behalf of someone else,) then please read the information on How to Apply.

After; if you would like to submit an application please fill out the application form.